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Tips and tricks to improve website speed and performance

Mar 28, 2019   Manish Bharadwaj   DIGITAL MARKETING

Tips and tricks to improve website speed and performance in 2019

Think that speeding up your web site isn’t necessary?

Think again.

1-second delays in loading web pages cause.

  • 12% lesser page views
  • 15% decrease in customer fulfillment
  • 8% decline in conversion

A few seconds delays in loading web pages could have a tremendous impact on your sales and High Bounce rate.

As technologies improve, we have turn out to be less patient. Today, we all expect to find the information we’re looking for within seconds. We want web sites to load quickly, regardless of which device we are using, and when they do not, we will leave. Or we directly close the page and move to another website.

The real fact is that the load time of the page not only impacts the impact on the user but also conversion rates are affected badly along with the search engine optimization.

According to Kissmetrics, 48% of website visitors expect a web page to load less than 3 seconds and 40% of the customer/user leaves a website that takes more than 2.5-3 seconds to load a web page. So, if you are a website owner and your website is usually too slow, then it affects your sales and website ranking.

According to Kissmetrics

As Per Research, An Average Website Loading Speed is 3.39 seconds to load a web page and the fastest web page loading speed of a website is 0.18 seconds.

“As per Google, the average size of each homepage was 2.27 MB, the smallest size was 0.16MB and the largest size was 6.12 MB.

It doesn’t matter what type of website you have whether an e-commerce website (Optimize your )or a blog or online forum or anything else, it is benefitted to provide the fastest speed of site along with performance. Now the question comes, how to do that.

Tips and tricks to improve website speed and performance in 2019

Well, here are some great yet simple and useful tips that will help to improve website speed and performance. Have a look at them below and boost the experience of users on your website in 2019:

1.     Try using a content delivery network

In terms of actual content, there are many steps that can be taken on the website. You have the option to get the images to shrink or maybe optimizing the JavaScript. But majorly you need to understand the location of the servers in relative to the users who will access the site. For example, someone who is in Los Angeles might get quick access to the server in San Francisco rather than reaching a server in Chicago.

The content delivery network is better known as CDN is used primarily to improve the performance of the website by picking the nearest server to the user. You can read more about the way CDN work in order to get more clarity about the concept. With the best CDNs, you get higher storage speed along with dynamic and intelligent caching and more security features.

2.     Smush the images

In terms of the performance and speed of the site, the loading of the images can be a serious taxing activity. It comes with resolution, image compression level and many other factors. It is not required to upload an image that is of 20 megapixels when at the end you will have to resize it back to 200 pixels. Hence, you need not to go with images that are of several megabytes. You can take the size of no more than 200 KB. You can use the famous WordPress plugin named as Smush that will cut all the data that is of no use without slowing the site.

3.     Shrink the CSS and JavaScript

One of the most effective and easy ways to improve website speed and performance is by addressing the inefficiencies that are present in the code and are unnecessary. Many times, it is the Cascading Style Sheets and the JavaScript that tends to be inefficient due to the default available code. You can find a lot many white spaces, repetition of code which can be reduced a lot. Now you can understand, lesser is the number of lines in the code, more will be the speed of page load.

In case you are using the WordPress site, you can use the popular plugin called WP Super Minify, it will help you for the same. You can use the tools available online as well to help you remove the whitespaces, optimizing the codes and stripping comments, etc.

4.     Try reducing the HTTP requests

The simple and direct fact is that more simple is your site; fastest will be the loading speed and the performance. If you are having a plain and simple HTML page with just normal text and just 2 to 4 images, it will definitely be quick. In case you have a dynamic page that comes with many factors and different types of content, slowing up of the site is definitely going to happen.

You can work upon increasing the speed by reducing the HTTP requests number. Cleaner is your code, better will be the performance. Most of this can be automated for you with the help of Perfmatters which is a plugin for Wordpress. With this tool, you can easily check what performance options have to be enabled and which ones to be disabled.

5.     Upgrade to dedicated hosting

The people who just begin with their first website or the ones who have fewer budgets prefer going for the shared hosting because it is one of the best cost-effective options for them. But the meaning of shared hosting is that you are sharing most of the resources like bandwidth and server with other people and no one has control over the use of resources.

If in case another website gets a sudden increase in traffic, your site using the same hosting will definitely suffer. Therefore, in order to improve website speed and performance, it is recommended to use a dedicated server. Here, you will get a server which is just yours and yours. You will be able to do customizations to the extent you want and there is dedicated hardware provided to you. So, you will get faster speed and performance. 


The above-mentioned tips and tricks are also very simple and easy to follow. These tips can help you eventually increase the speed and performance of the site thus, improving the user experience. Therefore, more are the users on your site better will be the traffic and simultaneously your earning will boom. So keep in mind all the above-mentioned tips to improve website speed and performance or hire a Professional Digital Marketing Company which helps you to optimize your website loading speed. After that, your website visitors are really going to appreciate your efforts and will love coming again.

These are some simple and very important Tips and Tricks that should follow by all website designing company in order to Optimize your website speed and performance.

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