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What is the Difference between AMP and PWA

Feb 19, 2019   Manish Bharadwaj   DIGITAL MARKETING

What is the Difference between AMP and PWA?

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Sometime back, Google launched the mobile-friendliness update and from then, this update was made one of the factors to rank the websites on the mobile engines. Then, the site owners started looking at the various available ways to get the mobile experience quick and faster. For mobile users, optimizing the pages can be a good choice. But in case the pages are not loading quickly on the browser then? This is one of the major hiccups that can prevent mobile users to browse through your content and you might lose some valuable visitors. Here comes the best available solution; the accelerated mobile pages, better known as AMP.

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) are a project which is open source and has been designed to make the mobile pages faster to load and be optimized. It works like making a mobile-friendly page to load more and more quickly.

Benefits of AMP

Benefits of AMP


Some of the most exciting benefits of AMP listed below:

  • Website loading time speeds up

Recent studies have shown that if a page takes more than three seconds to load, almost 40% will leave that page. There are some set of standards including the use of only inline CSS, asynchronous JavaScript etc which are included in AMP which make the loading time lesser. The page loading time can bring a great change in traffic and engagement of the user.

  • Enhanced SEO

As this is the world of mobile and SmartPhones so it becomes extremely important for the publishers to make sure their search engine ranking is not just limited to the desktop. Page load time is one of the important factors of search engine ranking. AMP put a good effect on the SERPs.

  • Bounce rate is low

If pages are loading then it will be a lesser chance that the visitor will leave your site. With AMP, the bounce rate will eventually decrease and the time spent by the user will increase.

  • Ad viewability rate increases

In AMP, the coding of HTML is in such a way that banner and image usability is enhanced so the viewability rate for the ads is higher.

How Google AMP Works?   

How Google AMP Works

The AMP works same as any of the other HTML pages but it is limited to few technical functionalities. It is an open source initiative wherein the pages will load in any of the browsers. The different architectural and technical processes are worked upon in combination which focuses on the speed. The main goal is not on how the content looks rather on how speedily it loads up.

What is Progressive Web Apps (PWA)?


What is Progressive Web Apps (PWA)?


Progressive Web Apps better known as PWA is a web application which uses the concept of modern capabilities of the web in order to deliver the experience to the users same like other apps. This is no new technology or framework rather a practice set wherein a web application is made to work the same as a mobile application or a desktop application. The aim is to make sure that the outcome is so seamless that the user cannot make out the difference between Progressive Web App and a normal mobile app. The working is progressive based as the name suggests.

Benefits of PWA


Benefits of PWA


The major benefits of PWA are as follows:

  • Less use of data

PWAuses just a fraction of data as compared to other mobile apps. Thus buying data becomes less expensive. Also, there is no extra storage required on the device. Hence, no extra space is required.

  • No updates

Other apps keep on updating automatically thus increasing data consumption and space. With PWA, there are no frequent updates required; it is only when the website is getting updated. The updates are very quick as well.

  • Low cost

The development costs for PWA are much lesser than the other native apps. There are many features to generate more businesses at very fewer rates.

  • Best for the SEO

The app searchability and accessibility is also boosted up with PWA. Faster time of loading website makes it higher in ranks.

How Progressive Web App (PWA) Works?

How Progressive Web App (PWA) Works?

PWA works in collaboration with Cordova in order to provide many deploy targets. The app can be deployed both as a native app as well as PWA to get both channels’ advantage. The PWA can be easily installed in the system. If you don’t have an internet connection, it will work offline with the cached data of the last time. On the desktop, you can use it on the browser as well.

Which is better to use: AMP or PWA?

For a website owner, PWA and AMP are important and they go hand in hand. If the more focus is on the content, AMP is the best suitable thing for you as the user will be more focused on what content they need. The sites which do not have too much heavy media bases contents and not require custom JavaScript can be best with AMP. Both the new facilities Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) and Progressive Web Apps(PWA) are added for website development and most commonly used by Website Designing Company.

In case, someone has an eCommerce site then definitely they have to take PWA into consideration. It gives the website the look and feel of a mobile app. Thus, users get an experience which is mobile friendly without even installing the app. The websites which are highly dynamic and focus less on faster content loading have to go with PWA.

Both AMP and PWA have the ability to work nicely and efficiently together as well. It is totally user’s needs and requirements on basis of which they have to select the one which suits the best.

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