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The Ultimate Guide to Double Your Social Media Following

Dec 24, 2018   Bhawna Yadav   DIGITAL MARKETING

The Ultimate Guide to Double Your Social Media Following

There is no one metric to which social media marketing can be reduced to. In today’s time, most of the marketers and the entrepreneurs who are new to this strategy world emphasize more on the number of followers and use whatever ways they can to increase the social media following. Unluckily, just chasing for numbers in any of the bad ways can ultimately lead towards poor quality and thus a bad and of course a weaker presence in the social media. Mostly, there are cheap methods like bringing followers from some so-called cheap third parties.

But, if your strategy is genuine and in controller quality then there are many advantages that come with more followers. Most people are having a misunderstanding that all followers are equal and whomsoever new one will get into the list will also be the same. This is not the truth; the fact is that more is a follower familiar with your brand and engaged in it; more valuable he or she is than a normal average follower.


social media marketing


The primary channels that I chose were:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter


One follower who is loyal towards your brand is much better than hundreds of passive ones who just are there but not at all involved in your brand. Now, the bigger question comes that how to increase the E-commerce Sales By Social Media Campaigning. Here we have listed out the best tips that can help you double the size of your social media following and that too without sacrificing the audience quality.


Now, let’s dive in!


The Ultimate Guide to Double Your Social Media Following or Building a Better Social Media Presence. Have a look at these tips below:


1.     Always go for posting the higher quality material only

higher quality material only

“Create Content People Actually Want to See”

In order to increase the social media following, it is important that you are able to attract more and more followers on your brand. For this, it is essential that you generate high-quality content for the audience in a consistent manner. Try to put the content which is fully unique and practical. It should be shareable content.

Try to attach to the emotions of the audience as that can actually be a good start. Using content like this can actually make the audience more engaged with your brand and they will also like to share this with their friends and relatives, ultimately increasing your followers. You will get differentiated from a bulk of crowded social media markets.


2.     Get engaged in the existing conversations

All around you, there are conversations going on at all points of time on almost all the social media platforms. As a company, most of these will be directly linking to your niche. So, you need to find out those conversations with the help of some social-listening software. You can also use the search feature that is being offered by the social media platform or by following your space-related key brands.

There will be hundreds of threads that come up with multiple participants who will be involved in the discussion related to some central idea or the question. You need to come up with your own thoughts related to the subject matter and try completing it with full dedication. This will show up your leadership qualities.


3.     Try always to reach out to new people from the target audience

target audience


The social media has been given the name social due to a very important reason; on social media channels, people are free to communicate. Try reaching out to new people who have still not followed your brand but are engaged in certain conversations of the brand. For this, you can use a personal brand as one of the extensions of the corporate brands. This way your approach will look more reliable and friendly thus, engaging a good section of the audience. This way you can increase the social media following in a genuine way.

  • Which social media sites you’re active on
  • Your posting Time/ schedule
  • The type of content you publish
  • Your brand’s voice
  • The Bio or information in your profile


4.     Try working with other influencers

Try working with other influencers

 Influencers play a very important role to increase the social media following. These are the people who as the name say are highly influencing. These people are very strong and effective users of the social media platforms. They have access to a big number of followers and who has a huge reputation as well. Try working with them in whatever way you can. You can go for content collaboration or maybe some mutual exchange of conversation and also by some interviews.

If you are being associated with such influencers, you will be able to earn a better reputation on the social media markets. Try connecting with as many influencers as you can and you will see a drastic increase the social media following for your brand. But make sure these relationships go on for a longer period of time so as to maintain your quality forever.


5.     Make sure of rewarding your followers

Most of the marketers will never focus on rewarding their followers. Don’t miss this as people like those who respect them. Try rewarding your followers in whatever way you can. You will have many options for doing it. Try responding to all the comments that you get on your brand on the social media platforms. You can also sponsor some gifts for them.

You need to make the followers feel more appreciated; this way they will not just be with you but will engage more people to your brand and thus will have a big contribution towards an increase in the social media following.

Build Relationships, Not Just Followers

  • Always @mention the people, you reference in your social media posts.
  • Always Answers the people questions
  • Always reply to that person, when they share or @mentioned your post.
  • Build a strong relationship by reply with a comment to start a conversation, don’t just like the people post.

Always remember, your first priority is to focus on the quality of the followers and not the quantity in order to increase the social media following. In long run, this is going to help you a lot. Make sure to measure some important engagement modes like inbound traffic, comments, and conversations on your site etc.

Follow these simple yet very important steps to make sure that you have a good presence online and that your follower list also keeps increasing always.

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