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Top 10 Steps to Optimization Ecommerce Product Page for SEO

Dec 3, 2018   Manish Bharadwaj   DIGITAL MARKETING

Top 10 Steps to Optimization Ecommerce Product Page for SEO

In order to make more sales, the product pages are always very important for any of the e-commerce stores. Buyers may search for an item on Google and your store name appears only when the product page has been SEO optimized in an appropriate manner. So in order to not miss any of the potential buyers, it is compulsory that all the product pages are properly optimized.

More is your ranking on Google or any other search engine, more are the chances that your sale will be higher. But just showing up high in the SERPs is not always fine; you need to do more for SEO. You need to increase the sales of the products. Here are some advanced on page and off page SEO techniques through which you can Optimize E-Commerce Product Pages for SEO. Let’s have a look at these best practices.

10 Steps to Optimize E-Commerce website for SEO

1.      Try to understand what is product keyword research and why is it important

Before you try to begin any of the optimizations for SEO, it is important that you are able to identify the words that buyers will use to search for a product from your ecommerce store. Therefore, you can never skip the very important aspect and that is keyword research. With proper keyword research techniques, you will be able to identify the customer usable terms to get more traffic on your product page.

Try to understand what are the best keywords and phrases relevant to your products. You can take into consideration the following factors: search volume, competition, and relevance. There are many keyword research tools available online out of which some are free and other are the paid ones including Majestic, SEMrush, Moz, and Ahrefs etc. One of the free tools which are very effective as well is the Ubersuggest. It is a free SEO ( search engine optimization ) and PPC ( Pay Per Click ) optimization and keyword suggestion tool that can assist you much better than other tools without any login or payment.

Always try incorporating long tail keywords in the description of the products. There are some more SEO tips and tricks that you must follow.

  • The title tags must be optimized
  • For more clarity, the headers must be properly descriptive
  • Always use alt attributes with the images
  • In order to create a better internal linking structure, try linking to internal pages
  • Always use rich snippets
  • Never copy the description of products from any other sites.

In the search results, try incorporating availability, price and the reviews of the product. You will get a good edge over your competitors after doing this.


2.      Use relevant product names


Use relevant product names


The name of the products can directly have an impact on the search rankings. The keywords that you identified must be used in the name of the product. Make sure that the product name is a point to point and include the description which might be searched by the customers. The simplest way to do so is by searching the product on Google and you will get to name of the products from most of the available pages.


3.      Use the high-quality description to add value to the product

Descriptions of the product help in SEO but it is only when these descriptions are having some value added to them. Add only points which you think the customer would like to read in a product. Some of the relevant points that you must add in your description to Optimize E-Commerce Product Pages for SEO are as follows:

  • Key features

Always add the major specifications and features relevant to the product and what are the value offerings of the product to the buyers.

  • Keywords

Try adding the target keywords in the description as often as you can. Try introducing the model number, brands, various variations to your keyword and synonyms in the description.

  • Be brief and specific

Try making the description more specific but not too lengthy. Be up to the point and try adding bullets and lists. This makes the content more readable.

  • Unique description

Make sure that the product description is 100% unique and never copy it from any other product or manufacturer’s description.


4.      Page title can improve the ranking


Page title can improve the ranking


More attractive and good is the page title, more will it have a positive effect on the ranking of the page. Along with ranking, it also boosts up the click rates. Make sure that the title of your page is unique and has the keyword incorporated in it. The main keyword should be placed at the beginning of the title and try not to repeat the keyword. For maximizing the effect, you can add up the name of the brand.


5.      The meta description is important


The meta description is important


Adding keywords to the Meta description will never affect the ranking of the page but yes, it is always a good and a preferable choice. You can get more clicks because of it. Inserting keywords in the Meta description and adding numbers and bullets can increase the click-through rates. Add in brief about what the reader will find on the main page.

Keep an eye on the point that the description should not be very lengthy and it must be fully unique. The selling points of your product must be added to the Meta description. Try putting points like price, features, brands, and availability of the product in Meta description.


6.      Product URLs must be keyword friendly


Product URLs must be keyword friendly


Keyword friendly URLs have an impact on the search ranking. In search results, these URLs should directly appear below the title. They must be short and have keywords and always in lower case.


7.      Heading and subheadings must be relevant

The content should have a proper heading and the subheadings so that it becomes more readable and the buyer can quickly find what he or she is looking for. To improve the SEO, incorporate relevant terms and the keywords in the headings. Headings should be short and simple.


8.      Add product reviews


Add product reviews


A product review section must be added to your site to Optimize E-Commerce Product Pages for SEO. If not all the reviews are 5 stars rated, it is not an issue. The variation in the feedback gives the assurance to the customers that the reviews are legitimate. Get the reviews of the users by connecting them through emails.


9.      Use images and videos

To provide a compliment to your description, use high-quality images and how to use videos in your product pages. The sales and traffic get boost up with this. The product photos should be of high resolution.


10.      Reduce the page load time


Reduce the page load time


The e-commerce conversions decrease with the slow loading product pages. Also, it has a bad effect on the keyword ranking of the page. The page should be loaded within 3 seconds of time. You can use various performance monitoring tools to identify your product page load time.

These are some simple yet very important steps that you need to follow by the ecommerce website designing company in order to Optimize E-Commerce Product Pages.

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