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Top 10 Social Media Websites To Consider For Your Brand

Apr 26, 2019   Manish Bharadwaj   DIGITAL MARKETING

Top 10 Social Media Websites To Consider For Your Brand

Are you a seasonal social media marketer or looking to enter the social marketing world or maybe you are an entrepreneur who is looking to leverage on social media?

Whatever you are into, it is always helpful to have information about the popular social media websites around you. With the help of this, you get benefits like:

  • Brand reach is maximized over social media
  • You get engaged with the right people
  • it becomes easy to achieve social media goals

It is not always that the size of the social media site is something that matters. You need to ask yourself a few questions like:

  • whether the site is the right fit for the business
  • the site fits the brand image
  • is target audience using the site
  • how many social sites you can manage at a time

To solve out the complexities, we have compiled the information on Top 10 social media sites that you canconsider for your brand in 2019. These are the several social media platform that must use by every Digital Marketing Company. Have a look at these sites below and find the one that suits right to your business. These social media website that helps you to double your website traffic. If you are looking for increase in website traffic then these social media platform plays a vital role into this.

As per the research, it shows that approximately 3.5 billion people used social networking website and apps in 2018. And, with the increased use of mobile devices, this number is likely to cross the 4.6 billion mark by 2021.

Top 10 social media websites to consider for your brand


1. Facebook


Facebook | Social Media website


By far one of the most popular and biggest social media sites around us is Facebook. With more than 2 billion users all over the world, this is actually the best platform for businesses to advertise their products and brands.

In today’s time, there are almost more than 65 million businesses that are taking the help of Facebook Pages to actively promote their business.

Getting started on Facebook is pretty easy and simple. The text, videos, images, stories and everything else works in a great manner on Facebook. But one thing to remember is that Facebook works on an algorithm which gives priority to content where meaningful conversations are present among people. Don’t forget to get the content optimize for mobile application because 90% of users use Facebook on mobile.

How to Promote Your Website on Facebook?

  • Create a Facebook page for your brand.
  • Promote your page to customers and followers.
  • Share your content on Facebook.
  • Facebook buttons on your website
  • Use paid advertising (Pay Per Click)


2. Instagram


Instagram | Social Media Website


Another popular social media website to consider for your brand is Instagram. This is used for sharing the videos and photos. You can easily share stories, photos, videos and live videos, etc. For longer form videos, IGTV has been recently launched by Instagram. Being a brand, you can easily have a business profile on Instagram wherein you will get rich analytics of the posts and the profile. With the help of third-party tools, you will be able to schedule the Instagram posts.

How to Promote Your Website on Instagram?

  • Set Up Business Instagram Account
  • Create interesting posts that people want to follow
  • Increase Instagram following
  • More engagement on your Instagram post to strengthen customer relationships
  • Analysis your Instagram post to growing more.

With this platform, you will be able to eliminate all clutter and highlight the services and products in a visual manner. You can also use it as a push tool to other big platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


3. Twitter


Twitter | Social Media Marketing


Twitter is a very popular social media site and what makes it different from other sites is the major emphasis on real-time information- what is happening today. You can just write 280 characters in a tweet, unlike other sites which have much higher limits. It is also used as a customer service channel wherein almost 80% of the requests are happening daily on twitter only. There are many tools available for customer service like buffer reply etc which help in managing the conversations of customer service.


4. LinkedIn


Linkedin | Social Media Marketing


LinkedIn is no more just a job searching website. It has now evolved out as a professional and powerful social media website for branding. Here, the experts from all over the world share the contents and network with each other and able to build a powerful personal brand. Businesses are able to set up their leadership and attract people to their company.

LinkedIn comes with an advertising opportunity wherein you can boost the content, send personalized ads to inboxes and able to display ads.


5. YouTube


Youtube | social media websites to consider for your brand


YouTube is an efficient and superb platform for video sharing where billion hours of videos are watched every day by the users. This can act as a powerful platform for branding your business. To start with, you can simply create a YouTube channel of your brand. Then, you can upload the videos that can be viewed, liked and shared by your subscribers.

YouTube is not only the biggest social media website but also the second largest search engine. To increase your reach, it’s a good way to advertise on YouTube.


6. Pinterest


Pinterest | social media websites to consider for your brand


At Pinterest, people come to explore new things and get inspired, unlike other social media sites where the major focus is always on engagement. Here, your brand gets a unique opportunity to shape the decision of purchasing because according to the stats by Pinterest, more than 78% of people agree that Pinterest content is useful. Branding on Pinterest can put a great image of your brand in the mind of users.


7. Snapchat


Snapchat | social media websites to consider for your brand


Another best social media site to consider for your brand is Snapchat. Here, the major focus is on sharing short videos and photos, etc among the friends. With this application, you can share promo codes and even demo your products. In order to increase your brand awareness, you can even partner with the influencers.


8. WhatsApp


Whatsapp | social media websites to consider for your brand


This is a messaging app which is used by people all over the world in big number. In the beginning, WhatsApp was just used by people to talk among family and friends. But with time, business communication started happening through this social media marketing. You can have a proper business profile on WhatsApp and promote your brand on the platform.  There is a WhatsApp business app for small businesses.


9. Tumblr


Tumblr | social media website


Another social media website for sharing photos, text, videos, links and audios, etc is Tumblr. It is a microblogging site where people share a wide range of things from photos to art and from fashion to economy. Here, you can express yourself, discover many new things and do much more. Hence, it can prove out to be a good social media site for branding.


10. Quora

Quora as we all knowis a question-answer platform wherein you are allowed to depict yourself as an expert of your field and department. You can easily brand your business and promote it from Quora. You just need to give consistent answers to the questions along with the credibility and you will notice a gradual increase in the traffic of your site.

Now, it is completely your choice so as to which social media website to go for in order to promote your business with the help of professional Digital Marketing and Website Designing Company. A perfect decision can lead to great profits and presence in the online world.

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