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Top 10 Video Marketing Strategies you need to know

Oct 14, 2019   Manish Bharadwaj   DIGITAL MARKETING

Top 10 Video Marketing Strategies you need to know

Videos are gaining popularity worldwide these days. Rather than showing by article and blogs, the companies are now using videos to reach their message to the people. The popular video sites such as YouTube and Dailymotion are also giving a helping hand to small companies to increase their sales through videos.

Apart from these sites, social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are also taking an active interest in the promotion of the brand through videos. The basic idea of using video marketing strategies can become more engaging if you follow some of the best video marketing strategies. They are as under:

1. SEO based videos


Showing blank videos without any description will not give you the results in any way. What you need to do is to show the videos to the audience by content. If you are a new seller in the market and want to display your product or service by means of videos, use relevant and useful keywords.

By keywords, the visitors will find your videos and contact your company. In addition to that, you should use relevant meta description and title so that people do not find it difficult to reach you. This is one of the best video marketing strategies to grab the attention of the users towards your site or page.

2. Target social media sites


Whether you have a small business or large firm, it is important to let people know your social media presence. The sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter give a chance to the entrepreneurs to generate posts and publish content.

You can post your product or demo videos on social media platforms in a unique way. If your budget permits, you can hire a social media manager who knows everything about these sites. Besides that, you can use options such as call-to-action, discounts, and others to boost sales of the product. You can post short yet beautiful videos of your company and products on these channels.

3. YouTube

We all know that YouTube is the most popular video site on the globe. You can post various types of videos on YouTube such as webinars, product-demo videos, real-time videos, instructional videos, and other videos. Whether you are a chef or botanist, you can post your videos on YouTube to reach to the people.

YouTube gives you an opportunity to make your channel. As your channels get more views, the people will leave their comments below each video. You can also suggest viewers subscribe to your channel. Further, you can share your videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

4. Find a nice thumbnail

Creating videos with the content alone does not look much attractive. You need to step ahead and search for some cute video thumbnails. When the viewers like your video thumbnail, it is only then they will open your videos.

One of the best video marketing strategies is that you add some smileys and good symbols which grow interested in the viewers. Video thumbnails can be in different forms. You can add smileys, symbols, images, and pictures as well. The motto behind this amazing video marketing strategy is to bring more traffic to your videos which will definitely prove to be good for your business.

5. Virtual reality

Large companies use the tool of virtual reality to attract customers and increase sales. Virtual reality is an engaging and appealing way to promote your brand, product, and service. However, the concept of virtual reality is used by very few persons.

VR explains the concept in a better manner. You can include 3D images, animation, and motions in the videos to make them more beautiful and engaging. Virtual reality will allow you to add creativity in the videos by means of images and pictures. It involves engagement and interactions with the customers by means of VR headset.

6. Put transcript

Videos without proper description are useless. Nowadays, you can add a word document which tells about the videos. The keywords and title can be well explained in the word document. The transcript will help to make your videos more SEO based on relevant keywords.

Further, you have to create a small transcript which tells you each and everything about your product. Making large transcripts will take away the attention of the visitors and they may skip the videos. These days, people love to watch short stories and videos which can explain to you everything within a few minutes.

7. Send personalized videos

One of the best video marketing strategies is to send personalized videos to all followers. Personalized videos are smarter ways of brand promotion. Further, the followers will get a sense of connectivity with the company by means of personalized videos.

You can use hashtags and videos in these personalized videos to catch the attention of the customers. At the end of each video, you can use features like call-to-action and read more to take the customers ahead in the process. This method is followed by many well-known companies and customers like this method as well.

8. Instagram stories

Another way to display your ad on social media site is through short stories. You can post stories which can remain for 24 hours. These days people love watching ads of a few seconds rather than watching long ads.

Most of the users use social media sites like Instagram and Facebook to know the latest stories. Short and sweet methods are generally liked by the people. Stories will spread brand awareness and increase sales as well. Furthermore, you can attach the relevant links at the end of the videos to increase the possibility of purchases.

9. Share videos

The options of sharing and commenting are common in all social media sites. If you like a certain video, you can share it with your friends and other users. In this way, the videos can be shared among the large group of people. Sharing videos is a good way to increase the popularity of the brand and boost sales.

Another advantage of sharing videos is that such videos get more traffic. They can also win in the race of organic search. The users all around the globe will come to know about the products and they may purchase too.

10. Engaging content

Before creating content, it is necessary to do some research on certain things. Asking a few questions will help to identify what do the customers want and how to boost sales by engaging the customers in an effective way.

For a Digital Marketing Company, it is crucial to know the needs of the customers and then it can achieve its goal of generating more traffic. Moreover, the company can find ways to make the content more engaging and appealing. This will make the brand more popular and boost sales.


Videos are the means by which you can do brand promotion and increase sales as well. These are the best video marketing strategies you can try to take your business to the national and international level.

Through the way of videos, you can spread the brand message among all the users. It will further result in high organic growth.

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