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10 Proven Strategies to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

Jul 18, 2019   Gourav Bajaj   DIGITAL MARKETING

10 Proven Strategies to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

The study from Hub Spot states that marketers who are involved in prioritizing the blogging part are more likely to have good positive returns on the investments made. All of us know that blogging is the best way of earning and this is the reason why you are here today to increase blog traffic.

But think of a blog where no one visits. Then, how to generate traffic? How to generate links? How to increase sales?

Finding answers to all these questions? Don’t worry; here we are going to discuss some of the best strategies that will help perfectly to increase blog traffic and you should also avoid major SEO Mistake to increase ranking.

Excited? Read ahead and you are going to be more of it.

Specifically, you’ll learn 10 proven strategies that I used to drive more traffic to my blog’s that are shown below.

10 Proven Strategies to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

  1. Write more and more
  2. Put better headers on your posts
  3. Take help of social media
  4. Identify your niche well
  5. Add photos
  6. Add Links
  7. Don’t forget to add keywords
  8. Keep refreshing old contents
  9. Add a social media sharing button
  10. Invite guest contributors

1) Write more and more

The past researches have always proven the fact that more likely you update the blog, more will be the traffic increased. Google always work on the concept of maximum priority to the websites which have more of the fresh content rather than the one which has the same old date contents on them. Therefore, if you are looking forward to getting higher attention from Google, then keep fresh contents at least twice or thrice in a week on your blog. The only thing that helps you to rank on first page in google is high quality content and optimized your blog post with relevant keywords.

2) Put better headers on your posts

If you want to increase traffic on your blog, one of the best ways is to write great headlines. Yes, 8 out of 10 readers will only click to read the content when the headlines are catchy enough to attract them. Potential titles will let the readers decide whether they should be clicked on or not. Titles should be such that readers are easily enticed with the solutions and promises mentioned. This will greatly enhance readership.

3) Take help of social media

This is the world of social media and nothing can be better than sharing contents on this biggest platform. Whenever any blog post is published, you need to definitely share it on the networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+, etc. Here are the list of  Top 10 Social Media Websites To Consider For Your Brand awareness. if properly the content is shared across all these sites, then this can become of the best traffic sources for your blog.

4) Identify your niche well

It is mandatory to have a clear picture of your niche. If you are a combo of the basketball league, sea life, weight loss, travel destinations and so on then you are definitely going to confuse the readers. The major reason is that content will not let the audience know the real theme and you will mess us having poor traffic and sales. Make sure you are aware of the target audience and have the theme according to their needs and then convey the specific message.

5) Add photos

The readership can be effectively boosted up by adding photos to your blogs. Adding photos can increase the visualization and also looks highly appealing to the readers thus increasing the positive returns and boost the traffic. Also, another benefit of adding photos to the blog is that in the alt tag you can add up the primary keyword. This will boost up the search engine optimization. But make sure you do not put anything and everything it can be a copyright issue which can further make you pay fines. Only use royalty-free images, you can easily get them from the net.

6) Add links

Whenever you are adding the product of some other companies or any services, make sure you add up a link that goes to the company’s web page. Google loves seeing outbound links on websites and boosts up the blog ranking. Also, you might get a link back from the company which is of added benefit. Additionally, readers like posts where they find resources more easily.

7) Don’t forget to add keywords

When we talk of search engine optimization, Keywords are the lifeline. If you are looking forward to generate more traffic, nothing can beat the maximum usage of SEO optimized keywords. Make sure that all the pages on the website have some keyword-based strategy. Take one key phrase you feel is appropriate and your readers will look for and add it in your blog post. Then, you also need to add the keyword in the post title, in the alt tag of image, page headline and in the link of the page. This will help Google to identify what the content all about and ultimately boost the traffic.

8) Keep refreshing old contents

If your old articles have attracted a lot of traffic on your blogs, it is good to update them regularly. You can add more relevant information to your older posts. This will help your old readers remain connected with you and a new customer base will also add up. It is true that Google like fresh articles but it is rather more beneficial to take the old content, make some necessary changes and make it a fresh content. This is definitely a good option to drive more traffic to the blog.

9) Add a social media sharing button

Your readers can help you along to boost up the site traffic. Make sure you add a social sharing button on the top of your post and the bottom. These buttons should link to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, etc. Spreading the word for the readers become easy through it.

Have a look at The Ultimate Guide to Double Your Social Media engagemets that helps you to boost your website traffic and brand awareness.

10) Invite guest contributors

When others write for your post, this will add more value to your blog. As a bonus, you are going to get more visitors on your site when these guest writers share the blogs on their networks. The new readership avenues are definitely going to add up.

Well, these are some ultimately best ways that are used by professional Digital marketing company to drive more traffic to your blog and increase sales. If you follow them properly, achieving your goal will no longer be just a dream but a definite reality. So go ahead and happy blogging!

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