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The 10 Most Effective Ways to Increase your Conversion Rate

Feb 28, 2020   Gourav Bajaj   DIGITAL MARKETING

The 10 Most Effective Ways to Increase your Conversion Rate

Digital marketing is the new face of modern-day marketing. Websites have now become the face of the business and are constantly focused to attract high traffic on their website and convert a decent amount of those visitors into leads or customers.

One tricky aspect of digital marketing is to attain and maintain an appropriate conversion rate for the sake of utilization of your marketing efforts.

With big names like Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads or LinkedIn you can achieve it easily as they do all the work and also give high average conversion rates ranging from 9-12% which is undoubtedly a very good figure but they also charge hefty fees worth thousands of dollars for this task.

Now all this work can be done with simple & systematic organic digital  marketing techniques that can help you achieve a good conversion rate at pretty low cost.

We will understand what conversion rate exactly means and how one can boost it by practicing proper marketing techniques.

According to the research, Less than 25% of the Business are satisfied with their conversation rate.



What is a website conversion?

Website conversion means converting the traffic of your website into a potential lead to create a customer base for your business. It is based on the conversion rate by which you can calculate how much amount of visitors actually convert into a customer or how many people are actually engaged with your business. Marketing efforts are useless if it cannot help you to get real-time sales of your products or services, therefore, the website conversion rate is important if you're operating your business under digital marketing.

What are some examples of website conversions?

To make this clearer let's acknowledge some examples of website conversion:

  • If a visitor is signing up to your email list or newsletters such as blogs, content, business, etc.
  • Attract visitors to get subscriptions or memberships, this can be done by rolling out free trials from time to time.
  • Directly guiding customers to purchase from your website.

How do I calculate my website’s conversion rate?

The website conversion rate is calculated by dividing real conversions by the total number of visitors and multiply the result by 100 which will get you percentage rate of your website conversion.


Example: 5000 People landed on your website, out of that 150 converts into leads:

To get Conversion: 150/5000*100

Conversion= 3

What is a good conversion rate?

A good conversion rate ranges from 2% to 5% which means on an average of every 100 visitors, 2 to 5 converts into lead or customers. This is the average performing rate whereas a high conversion rate lands above 8%.

How to Increase Your Conversion Rate on Your Website

1) Analyze visitor's interaction with your site

A good conversion boosting strategy starts by regularly examining the pattern of interaction on your website. You can use tools like Google Analytics which can provide you data about your website. Once you analyze the pattern you will get a clear image of how visitors interact with your website, what all content they are interested in, with this data you can work upon weaker sections of your website and optimize them.

With systematic strategy you can update your webpage and deploy more Responsive Website Design, which would focus more on ‘sticky' content that would lure visitors to your page for longer time and the longer they stay, the more conversions will happen and you can witness higher conversion rate within no time as well as increased traffic on your website.

2) Deploy call to action (CTA) buttons your site

Call to actionor CTAs button are key elements of a website, they guide the visitor to take the next step which might lead to conversion. CTA pop-ups can direct visitors to sign up for your email list, subscribe to memberships, lead directly to a sales page or any other webpage link.

CTA also enhances the click-through rate that would directly boost your ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) and will land you on top spots in search results.

CTA ensures that user face no issue in navigating the website and by deploying multiple CTAs you can give the user multiple offers to choose from which usually lead to conversion as user compare and will subscribe to at least one of your services or products.

3) Use the conversion rate optimization(CRO) strategy

Data analytics plays a very important role in digital marketing, it ascertains a flexible CRO strategy to get implied on your website. Once you have the data related to your website, you can work upon its development as per the analytical pattern that data shows. With such a pattern you can keep upgrading your webpage to cope up with the interests of the visitors.

To achieve an optimal conversion rate, you should regularly deploy strategy based features on your website to keep the audience engaged to you.

Things like removing old subjects, updating fresh topics and contents, upgrading site layout time to time, redesign CTAs to enhance navigation of the website and other upgrades should be regularly monitored on the website. All these aspects build up a better conversion rate optimization (CRO) and hike up your conversion rate by a good difference.

4) Optimize your conversion funnel

A conversion funnel is like a blueprint as to how you can keep up to fuel your website's conversion rate.

Even SEO Company in Delhi follow this blueprint to achieve a high conversion rate for their clients. Conversion funnel consists of four segments that are:

  • Awareness

To create awareness of your brand among the audience so it can become recognizable and your business can gain exposure and user traffic.

  • Interest

Regularly post the latest content on your website to keep the visitors engaged to you and give promotional deals that would keep the visitor's interest in your services.

  • Consideration

This is a part of the ownership of the business, make the audience realize that why should they buy from you, create trust with customers by giving them premium experience and services on your website.

  • Conversion

Once the above-mentioned things are done, you will be able to execute the conversion process and your website will grow, always keep the customer as your asset and keep upgrading your services to maintain the growth.

5) Video publishing

Videos bring a truly magnificent boost in leads and site traffic. The primary reason behind this is videos are more entertaining and interactive than basic content or blogs. With the rising trend of video platforms like YouTube, it has become very easy to expand your audience base. Reports have shown that 99% of digital marketing users prefer publishing videos on their websites.

You can post videos daily or maybe a couple of times in a week, try to create a Business YouTube profile and upload on it, that will bring in new visitors to your website and with strategy based application you can convert those visitors.

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6) Run A/B testing

A/B testingalso known as split testing is a technique to test more than one layout of the webpage to increase the conversion rate.

For example,you can test webpage first and analyse the conversion rate of the website landing page and then test webpage B and analyse the same.

On comparing both figures you will notice a difference in conversion rate and can opt the one with the higher conversion rate.

This also fascinates the visitor and helps you to decide what the visitors prefer more so you can shape your strategy in accordance with that and bring in the required changes to keep the audience engaged. Remember to always have one of the two options as a preferred choice and pre-plan the details you want to distinguish between both.

7) Make it simple to buy from your website

This is the most important factor to consider because it can highly affect your conversion rate. Your website should have minimalist formalities and easy sign-up process so that the user doesn't have to go through the complex procedure in order to buy something from you. The visitor should be able to complete the purchase in as few clicks as possible, this enhances user experience.

Always keep your payment gateway updated and keep multiple payment options available to avoid loss of conversion rate due to lesser payment options. People should also get promotional offers during checkout like free shipping etc., this enlightens your brand image in their minds. Conclusively, the easier your checkout process will be, the more users will attract towards your website.

8) Test what's working and what's not

Testing is the key to achieve constantly rising conversion rate, don't just sit on the joy of increment in your conversion rate, run more tests in due time cause you don't know what may lie ahead of you. Running a test on different aspects of your website can be done with the help of collected data and as they say, the devil lies in the details, so focus on every part of your website whether it is headlines, forms, CTAs, content or design and try to modify them instead of changing the whole layout.

You can collect data from heat maps, scroll maps to determine which part of your website attracts more click, target such highlighted regions of your website and test different layouts on them.

9) Optimize your webpage

Webpage design affects conversion at a considerable rate, the same old webpage design can feel boring to the visitor and they might move to a more attractive option, therefore, keep on optimizing and modifying your webpage. Webpage should be simple yet informative and it should display how real your business is, avoid too much glitter and overrated designs, your website should display zest of professionalism.

Remove any unnecessary content or distraction from your webpage, it should be completely visitor focused and try to upgrade the design of your webpage once in a while so that the audience can get a new feel from the same website.

10) Stay ahead of your competitors

You can do everything right but might still lack on traffic and conversion because of high competition in digital marketing. Along with the analysis of your website keep a check on your competitors as well because many times your competitor may already have done what you might be doing. So study your competitors and compare yourself with them to stay ahead of the curve.

Comparison can be based on products, offers, website features, etc., you might be lower than your competitor on some points but target on things that matter more and uplift yourself on those things. Your shortcomings give you room for improvement and it competes only that you can grow, so stay focused on your strategy but also keep an eye on competitors to stay ahead of them.

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